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SEO Page Title & Meta Description Checker - Digital Sales

It is clear that the character length of a page title and the meta description length are considered an SEO ranking factor. OK, some believe that meta description character has no SEO ranking influence which is fair enough, however, it does effect click through rates, that is for certain. But we believe at Digital Sales that you should not take the chance that the Meta Description character length is not an SEO raking factor. Just make sure it's within the recommended character length, remove the chance and any doubt!! All comments and input on this issue are welcome in the comment box....

So, to make life a little easier we have developed three Character Counters for everybody's convenience, a Page Title Length Checker, a Meta Description Length Tool and a Paste Character Checker (just in case you need it!).

Page Title Checker

Best practice Page Title length is, 60 to 80 characters, after 65 characters the page title is truncated, you will see the ........ within the search results. This may impact the user's impression and click through rate, but up to 80 characters is good for the search engine crawlers, 70 characters is probably a happy medium. Going over 80 characters, you are talking black hat territory and you could get punished. Having no page title or under 25 characters, is consider poor practice and your SEO ranking and page traffic will be effected.

If you need help with your Page Title composition, feel free to send us a mail, or see our contact us page.

Meta Description Length Tool

Pre-November 2017 best practice meta description was roughly 155 characters to 160 characters, however, Google have made significant changes to Meta Description length, which is articulated well by Rand Fishkin at MOZ here. Meta Description length has now been extended to 230 to 320 characters, so between 250 and 300 characters now appears to be best practice (our meta description character counter below is configured for these new parameters). Remember, every page on your website must have a different meta description, you will be punished for duplicate meta descriptions. Make sure the keyword you attach to that page is within the Meta Description and make it read as natural as possible. Here is a good read from MOZ around subject.

Page Character Counter

Get the length of any string you would like a quick count of characters.