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PPC Agency - Digital Sales - Relevant Traffic. Real Results.

We squeeze every ounce of value from your PPC and Display Advertising budget. We do this by micro-managing your account - smart strategy, granular targeting and constant fine-tuning. As a PPC Agency we strive to provide our clients with a 'lower cost per click', 'more traffic' and more importantly, 'more relevant traffic', a 'higher return on investment' and ultimately 'increased conversion rates and digital sales'. Our PPC Agency & Advertising process is made up of six key PPC factors:

  • Account Structure
    Account Structure
  • Keywords
  • Audience Data
    Audience Data
  • Ad Copy
    Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages
    Landing Pages
  • Bid Optimisation
    Bid Optimisation
Is your PPC budget underperforming?

The Digital Sales Approach to PPC and Digital Advertising

Applying proven and effective PPC knowledge and techniques can transform your campaign from 'OK' to a cost effective and continuous lead generation platform. An efficient PPC and Digital Advertising campaign should consider issues such as: bidding across device, location and time, ad creatives that stand out, keyword mining and tools, Quality Score, Ad Rank and Relevance, Sitelinks (deepdive) and more...including sales funnel and website considerations such as site navigation, page load speed, landing page quality, Digital Sales we employ a human-led approach to PPC.

Digital Sales Approach to PPC and Digital Advertising
Digital Sales Approach to PPC and Digital Advertising

No matter what industry or sector, we build innovative PPC campaigns that will include detailed competitor research, industry research and customer behaviour. We will also factor your current situation, your business goals and ultimately maximizing your budget and increasing your digital sales.

Our PPC Agency Services - What We Can Do for You

If you partner with the Digital Sales PPC team, you will be assigned a dedicated PPC Account Manager and you will also have access to the full team within Digital Sales from UX, Technology, SEO, Web Design, etc. We will ensure your PPC campaign has the available resources to succeed. Some of PPC and Advertising services we provide include:

PPC Agency - Campaign Strategy

  • Competitor and Industry Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Dynamic Bid Management
  • Conversion and ROI Analysis
  • Full-funnel Analytics - through click, lead, calls, and sales
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Consultation

PPC Agency - Landing Pages

  • Conversion-centric Design
  • Persuasive Messaging
  • Keeps user in Controlled Experience
  • Coordination with Marketing Automation and PPC campaigns

PPC Agency - Conversion Optimization

  • Dynamic A/B and Multivariate testing of website and Landing Page content
  • Devise creative and technical changes to create new Conversion Opportunities
  • Use existing content in new ways to maximize Conversions

PPC Agency - Local SEO

  • PPC Campaign Strategy & Goal Planning
  • Paid Ad Channel option comparison with ROI estimates
  • Ad Group & Keyword List Management
  • Ad Copywriting, Design & Testing
  • Ad Optimization & Extensions (Sitelinks, Reviews, etc.)
  • Forecasting & Benchmarking

PPC Agency Clients We've Served

Is your PPC budget underperforming?