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Domain Names for Sales

Domain Names for Sale – What might you pay?

Domain Names for Sale – You can now buy two character .ie domain names.  Fairly cool for a brand like Brian O’Driscoll,, perhaps.  Unfortunately, an advertising agency got that domain before Brian, maybe he wasn’t even interested as Brian is an International Brand, a .com encompassing his name and brand is the right strategy, – a strong corporate image.  Fair enough, solid decision.

Domain Names for Sale – Two Character Domains .ie

When the IEDR decided to release two-character domain names for the .ie market, a bidding process was initiated (they did, back in the day make exceptions for already established brands such as 02 for example, but very rare).  The price paid for was almost 11K euro.  Good publicity for 11 Grand I suppose and probably a load of decent PageRank backlinks, in fact 162 according to Semrush.  And we all know about backlinks, PageRank and SEO

Domain Names for Sale – Apart from two character .ie domains, what should or what are people paying for .ie domain names?

Well, it’s hard to get a handle of what people historically paid for .ie domain names in the past as this was forbidden by the IEDR.  You couldn’t sell a .ie unless it was part of the company assets that you were buying.  Technically!  I myself bought a .ie with a ‘s’ at the end of a two-word string for €1100, just to protect my primary brand and set it to redirect.  However, you can now buy and sell .ie domain names without selling a company.  So, how much?

Domain Names for Sale – what are you willing to pay…

So, what are .ie’s going for?  I recall hearing a story Denis O’Brien paid 1M for back in the boom days (2005), any truth in it?  I don’t know.  But there was a active live website with advertisers, so not just a domain name but an online recruitment business.  This is what looked like in 2007 (awful really!):

Domain Names for Sale
Domain Names for Sale – – 2007

Paddy Cosgrave claims he paid 10K for from an asking price of 100K, a claim which is very very hard to believe (show me the proof please?), especially when you consider was sold for €500K to Teamwork, another Irish company.  Two companies who built a brand and forgot about international expansion, where was the scenario planning!?!?!  They lost an awful lot of negotiation ‘position’ once the brand was created.

Now that you can buy and sell .ie domains, let’s take a look at and see what .ie’s are actually going for?  Domains with an asking price attached (May 2018)…                          35K                                                                       40K                            13K                                                                     50K                              35K                                                                    50K                        25K                                                                        50K                      30K                                                                   30K                                38K                                                               20K                       40K                                                                         50K                                25K                                                                          20K                                50K                                                                 50K                                     50K                                                                40K                      50K                                                              50K                     50K                                                        50K                            13K                                                                      1.5K                        2K                                                                           1K                                12K                                                                          11K                               14K                                                                           4K                                7K                                                                 2K                                    2K                                                                                   30K                                     7K                                                                      10K                                   20K                                                              10K                10K

I did get a great laugh when I found out that was going for 2K!!!  It’s a funny world!  So, would you spend 50K on  Well, if it was – maybe, .ie with a population of 5 million, I don’t see it. for 10K, a ‘steal’ if its true, which I doubt very much.

Really the investment depends on a number of factors:

Your Product & Service Market – if its got international potential, don’t bother with a .ie – however, if your initial market is Ireland only, then absolutely.  See this blog post regarding International SEO.

What are the search volumes of that domain name?  The keyword, is it significant?  Maybe it isn’t at all.  And is it a new trend, study the search volumes over the past number of years, are they upwards?

Are there possible alternative domain names?

Domain Names for Sale – Brand versus a search query as a domain name?

If you decide to go with a search query as domain name, then make sure that string encompasses the generic sector you are in.  And, can that string be developed into a brand?  Otherwise go with a brand.

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