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'We had a website that was providing the company with an online presence but the image it presented needed to be addressed. Digital Sales recommended that we buy the domain and maintain and push our brand through this new website. The team initially designed a purposeful logo and built the site with keyword density in mind from the ground up. We are delighted with the outcome and are excited by the future, the site is only 3 months live and already we are seeing leads coming through the site. I can't but recommend the Digital Sales team, a dream to partner with and we can see the results already'

Colm Finn - Company Director

Results to Date: From no company website and within one year of website launch, 366 local keyword strings indexed and ranking well. 60% Website Traffic Organic and Almost 4K Page Impressions within a 28 Days period (January 2018), with over 40 Keywords in a Top Ten Organic Position.

Sector: Home Improvement

Company Description: Window and Door Repair Company.

Objectives: Online consultancy to start with, logo design, wireframe design for the site and the building of a new website built for branding and SEO performance.

Geographical Target Location: Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Services We Provided & Ongoing: Website Design, Keyword Analyse, User Experience, Call to Action Integration, Content Strategy, Social Media for Sales, Persona Definition, Digital Consultancy, Blog Design, Search Engine Consultancy, Pay Per Click Management, Email Marketing Integration, Measurement and Analytics

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