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Greenfeet Lawn Care Limited


Results to Date: 123 Online Sales Submissions in April and May 2017, primary SEO position for Lawncare keyword search string, including position one for search string such as: Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Care Company and more. 300 Pages Indexed with over 100 pages uploaded for 'onpage optimisation'.

Sector: B2C and B2B Lawn Care Services

Company Description: The Largest Lawn Care Company in Ireland.

Objectives: Complete Website Redesign with keyword integration and onpage optimisation throughout. WooCommerce Shop Integration, Lawn Care Blog for Content Marketing and Social Media Link Population.

Geographical Target Location: Ireland

B2B Sales Services We Provided: Sales Consultancy, Selling Through Digital, Value Proposition Definition

Digital Sales & Marketing Services We Provided & Ongoing: Website Design, Keyword Analyse, User Experience, Call to Action Integration, Content Strategy, Social Media for Sales, Persona Definition, Digital Consultancy, Blog Design, Search Engine Consultancy, Pay Per Click Management, Email Marketing Integration, Measurement and Analytics

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