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'We had no web presence what so ever, in fact we hadn't a clue where to start and we needed to generate sales very fast. Digital Sales lead us through the process in simple terms and took ownership of our digital footprint and brand online. We now have a strong Organic Search position, and a website that provides assurance that we are a highly respectable company.'

Niall Toolis - Company Director

Results to Date: Jan 2018 - 4000 Organic Page IMpressions - 150 Click-throughs, and top three organic position for keywords such as: 24 Hour Boiler Repair Dublin, Boiler Repair Dublin, Boiler Repairs Dublin, Baxi Back Boiler Service, Gas Heating Repairs, Gas Boiler Repairs Dublin, Gas Boiler Repair Dublin, Oil Boiler Service Dublin and Gas Boiler Service Dublin.

Sector: Home Improvement and Maintenance

Company Description: Gas & Oil Boiler Repair, Service & Replacement company, including Plumbing and Bathroom Services.

Objectives: Build a website that would allow for immediate lead generation, strong organic position and prospect trust. Along with establishing the company online with Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Geographical Target Location: Dublin, Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Services We Provided & Ongoing: Website Design, Keyword Analyse, CMS Design and Development, User Experience, Call to Action Integration, Content Strategy, Social Media for Sales, Persona Definition, Digital Consultancy, Blog Design, Search Engine Consultancy, Pay Per Click Management, Measurement and Analytics

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